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Family Law

Adoption – Proceedings involving the adoption of, typically, a minor child by his or her stepparent or third party.

Alienation of Affections / Criminal Conversation – A civil lawsuit involving issues surrounding third parties interfering with your marriage with your spouse, which often include requests for punitive damages and/or attorneys’ fees.

Alimony and/or Post-Separation Support – When by General Statute and Case Law a spouse is determined to be a supporting spouse and the other spouse is determined to be a dependent spouse, the court may order payment of monthly sums or lump-sum payments from the supporting spouse to the dependent spouse to maintain his or her accustomed-to standard of living, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Equitable Distribution – Presumptively equal, North Carolina law provides for an equitable distribution (division) of marital property as defined by North Carolina statute, after each item of property is classified and valued by the court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – assisting clients navigate private or court-appointed mediation with the goal of allowing clients the opportunity to explore early settlement of their disputes without the uncertainty and expense of a jury or bench trial.

Child Custody – when parents who live separate and apart are unable to reach an agreement as to the custody of their minor children, our courts with proper jurisdiction have and will exercise the authority to enter custody orders they determine to be in the best interest of the minor children – known as the polar star – after court-ordered mediation is unsuccessful.

Child Support - a function of each parties’ gross income as defined by the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines and North Carolina Case Law, the court is empowered to enter orders for the support of minor children, including medical support orders, which typically are based upon certain formulas within the Child Support Guidelines then in effect, absent a deviation from those guidelines by the court.

Domestic Violence – Protective Orders under Chapter 50B and 50C which allow litigants to seek out the court’s protection based upon acts of domestic violence or severe harassment.

Divorce from Bed and Board –a judicial separation when a spouse commits certain acts determined by the court to be highly egregious, including but not limited to adultery, drug addiction, abandonment, cruelty, or other indignities.

Separation Agreements and Property Settlement Agreements – Family Law Contracts dealing with property division, child custody, child support, alimony, attorneys’ fees, or other family law issues which may or may not be subsequently entered as the court’s judgment and order depending on the facts and circumstances of any case.

Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Agreements – Family law contracts typically dealing with alimony and/or property division (pre-marriage) or property division (post-marriage).

Termination of Parental Rights – based on certain limited statutory factors, a party with standing can seek the court’s assistance to terminate the parental rights of natural or adoptive parents of a minor child.

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